Satisfied Customers



"Your dog will benefit from Liza’s outstanding working knowledge of pet care which comes from her years of experience as a pet trainer, dog handler, and veterinary assistant. Visit to visit she will provide you with an update of any change in your dog’s overall coat, skin, and demeanor. Helpful hints and tips are generously forthcoming from Liza if you need any suggestions for managing your dog’s latest behavior quirks. In addition to being both reliable and dependable Liza is a lovely person who will love your dog."
- Lorraine and Bill



"Luv My Pets Mobile Grooming and Liza have been fabulous to work with. It is a great convenience to have Liza groom my dogs in her truck in my driveway. The previous salon kept my dogs from 7AM until 2 PM. This is so much nicer. Liza has groomed our dogs since 2010 and we could not be happier. Liza always has a smile on her face and will bend over backwards to accommodate us. She really knows her stuff. And both of my Cavalier King Charles Spaniels adore her.”
- Constance

“Our poodle looks and smells wonderful after they groom her. They're delightful and patient working with Sophie, who does not like be groomed. I would highly recommend Luv My Pets.” 
- Meg