Our Services



Mobile Experience

Going mobile gives your pet the personal attention they deserve. It’s the most convenient and flexible way to take care of all your pet grooming needs.
There are no pick ups and drop offs, an appointment is all you need. Our Mercedes van is furnished with state of the art equipment. Coming to you enables us to be cageless and stressless, with most grooms completed under 2hrs.

Full Groom

  • Hand scissored pet styles.
  • Bathing with all natural shampoos and conditioners.
  • Gland expression.
  • Ear cleaning and sanitary clipping.
  • Luxury scent for male and female.
  • Nail clipping/grinding.



TEETH CLEANING - Dogs need their teeth brushed too! Keep up with your pet’s dental health and reduce the risk of dental disease, infection, bad breath, and potential life threatening kidney and heart disease. You and your dog will enjoy each other’s company even more with less fear of health problems and more fresh breath kisses for years to come!


BLUEBERRY FACIAL SCRUB- This scrub pampers your pet without irritating eyes. The botanical formula helps remove tear stains and enhances your pets beauty. The blueberry scent lasts for days and makes kissing your pooch a treat.


FLEA AND TICK SHAMPOO - This protein enriched shampoo is designed to kill pests on contact without harming your pets skin or coat. Ingredients are derived from plants without any harsh pesticides.


SPECIALTY LUXURIOUS FRAGRANCES - Pamper your pet with our elegant line of fragrances for both male and female pooches. Fragrances developed in the South of France and scented with natural botanical extracts all designed to help keep your pooch smelling wonderful for those loving cuddles.